Our dedicated team works hard to place rescued Romanian street animals in their forever homes.


Our Mission

We aim to find loving and lasting homes for rescued animals. We are advocates for those without a voice that deserve a second chance. Sava's Safe Haven U.K. is determined to help educate owners and create lasting changes for dogs and cats in our society. 

The purity of a person’s heart can be quickly measured by how they regard animals.
— Unknown

History of Sava's                  

Sava's Safe Haven was founded by Oana Sava in 2012 with the goal to end the suffering of hundreds of animals from the streets of Galati. One November, with the support from animal lovers from different parts of the world, Oana's dream became a reality. She was finally able to create a refuge! A field full of weeds was purchased in order to build the shelter and within one week of the land being acquired, everything began to take shape. Oana was finally able to save some of the strays of Romania, providing them with love, care and a warmer winter.  Today, Sava's is a family-run shelter and home to nearly two-hundred and seventy dogs and cats. 

Sava's Safe Haven has two playgrounds, paddocks, puppy rooms, a quarantine area and a veterinary clinic for visiting vets. The shelter is monitored with non-stop surveillance cameras and energy is supplied via solar panels. The shelter is registered and authorised by the Romanian authorities, with an average capacity and strict animal welfare conditions. Sava's is a registered charity in Romania dedicated to the protection and care of stray animals.


Please visit www.savasafehaven.com for more photos and further information on the shelter.